Asha Esthetic is a place where you will feel satisfied with all
our services, you will receive an extraordinary experience
because "Your beauty is our duty". We offer, skin care and
anti aging treatments, body sculpting treatments, laser hair
removal and many other cosmetic services.

As an aesthetic service provider, the goal is to provide patients with the tools they need to become the most beautiful version of themselves. This includes not only a wide range of minimally non-invasive aesthetic services, but also several types of high quality skin care treatments that make you feel confident about your beauty and self care.


CLAUDIA ROEDER [ Aesthetician / Face and Body / Makeup Artist / Brows Specialist ]

Claudia is a true lover of aesthetics treatments. After working as a professional makeup artist and finding clients who did not take care of their skin, she became passionate about teaching them that by taking care of their skin today to avoid surgeries later. This ambition led her to become a licensed aesthetician.

He loves to build relationships with her clients based on trust and work with them to make a great team to achieve their skin care goals. From facials, hair removal, eyebrow design and waxing, makeup artist Claudia's aesthetic passion allows her to offer the best options to all her clients.

Claudia has been dedicated to helping people and, with the support of her mother, has been able to build a reputation as someone who really cares about her clients.

"Beauty is not only external, real beauty is what comes from the soul"

BARBARA MAYAUDON [ Aesthetician / Skin Care Specialist / Laser Tech / Body Sculpt ]

As a licensed esthetician, Barbara believes in helping her patients to have healthy and balanced skin, so she offers the best possible services. His method of caring for his patients includes knowing them and understanding their personal goals of skin health before performing any treatment.

She offers the best plans and solutions for the needs of their patients so they can feel confident. Barbara is a mother of 6 children. She is 56 years old and she looks incredibly young. She had always been fascinated with health and beauty, as a mother, she learned to take more care of her skin. From there began his passion for aesthetics.

Barbara is a very noble person with incredible patience. A very enterprising woman. Enjoy watching her patients feel happy and pleased with the results. His treatments include: Facials /Anti-Aging treatments / Fibroblast Plasma Pen, among others.

"Do not leave for tomorrow, what you can do today"

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