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Asha was dreamt by kindred spirits Barbara and her daughter Claudia -  this is a company of harmonious family ownership and collaboration.  After the loss of husband & father, Henry,  what kept both going was the mutual desire to create a space in which self-love would be sensed as the ultimate vibe. 


Asha comes from Hebrew word  that means  “hope” fueled what was once a dream and now a reality. The true challenge for them was to create a one stop beauty parlor, a true gem in a city  in which getting a lot done means multiple appointments and endless commutes.


Asha is a wellness center, a spa and a beauty salon, the faces you encounter feel familiar and  everyone is  exploring beauty through the firm belief that confidence and self love is what makes anyone deserving of true shine. Asha is not a place but the moment you decide to show up and give yourself the love that you so freely give to other people.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
Image by Tokyo Kohaku


Professional makeup artist

Licensed Aesthetician 

Skin Care Enthusiast 


“Beauty is not external, real beauty is what comes from the soul”



Mother of  6

Licensed Aesthetician 

Queen of zen vibes


“Don’t leave for tomorrow that which can be done today”

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